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2016 Fire Risk Report

General Findings from the 2016 report

Risk by age:

– Adults ages 50 or older had a greater relative risk of fire death than the general population.

– Adults ages 85 or older had the highest risk of fire death.

– Adults ages 20 to 69 had a greater relative risk of fire injury than the general population.

– While lower than the relative risk of the general population, children ages 4 and younger faced an elevated risk of both fire injury and death when compared to older children (ages 5 to 14).

 Risk by gender: Males were 1.6 times more likely to die in fires than females.

 Risk by race: African-Americans and American Indians/Alaska Natives were at a greater relative risk of dying in a fire than the general population.

Risk by region: The relative risk of dying in a fire was greatest for people living in the South and Midwest when compared to populations living in other regions of the United States.


To view the entire report click on the following link: