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Periodical Cicadas

This article first appeared in Giant News (Newsletter of The Sleeping Giant Park Association), Issue 104 (February 2013), pages 6-7. Dr. Chris T. Maier

Asian Longhorned Beetle Information
USFS Asian Longhorned Beetle Pest Alert
USFS Asian Longhorned Beetle vs. Whitespotted Sawyer
ALB or NOT ALB?  That is the question! There are quite a few insects that are easily mistaken for the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, or ALB. This site is to help you determine if you have this beetle or an insect that is in some way similar. You will be presented with a number of choices as you proceed; simply click on the appropriate choice each step along the way.  Cornell.

Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Information (CAPS)
CAPS:  Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
Make the Most of Available Water When Planting New Trees and Shrubs this Spring
by Dr. Sharon M. Douglas
Fruit Growing
Fruit Growing Information
Fruit Meetings

Native Alternatives for Invasive Ornamental Plant Species edited by Timothy Abbey (online only)

Eastern Hemlock Forests: Guidelines to Minimize the Impacts of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid by Dr. Jeffrey S. Ward, Dr. Carole A.S.-J. Cheah, Michael E. Montgomery, Brad P. Onken, Dr. Richard S. Cowles

CAES Viticulture Information Page 

Farm-Based Education in Connecticut by Dr. Kimberly A. Stoner

1998 New England Guide to Chemical Control of Problem Weeds and Brush Around Homes and on Non-cropland prepared by Todd L. Mervosh