Lake Wintergreen, Hamden - 2004


2004 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Lake Wintergreen
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Ribbon-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton epihydrus) was the most abundant aquatic species during our August 2004 survey in Lake Wintergreen, a 44.4-acre water body located in West Rock Park, where fishing is permitted but swimming and motors are banned. A total of 10 aquatic plants were recorded in the lake, all of them native species. Ribbon-leaf pondweed was particularly abundant in a large, shallow cove at the lakes north end, where watershield (Brasenia schreberi) also was abundant. Other species recorded in the north cove were snailseed pondweed (Potamogeton bicupulatus) and white water lily (Nymphaea odorata), which occurred in large patches, and humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), slender naiad (Najas flexilis) and leafy pondweed (Potamogeton foliosus).

Ribbon-leaf pondweed also occurred along the eastern side of the main body of the lake. Snailseed pondweed was found in large patches on the eastern side, and slender naiad occurred in a large patch in a small cove with shallow water. Only patches of sevenangle pipewort (Eriocaulon aquaticum) and ribbon-leaf pondweed were found at the lakes southern end.

Sevenangle pipewort and watershield were most abundant on the west side of the lake. Large patches of snailseed pondweed and ribbon-leaf pondweed and smaller patches or individual plants of needle spikerush (Eleocharis acicularis), humped bladderwort, white water lily, slender naiad, and leafy pondweed were also recorded.

Species recorded in our 2004 survey of Lake Wintergreen.
Scientific Names
*Invasive species
Humped bladderwort Slender naiad
Leafy pondweed Snailseed Pondweed
Needle spikerush Vasey's pondweed
Ribbon-leaf pondweed Watershield
Sevenangle pipewort White water lily

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