Uncas Lake, Lyme - 2015

Uncas Lake

2015 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Uncas Lake

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Uncas Lake is a 69-acre waterbody located in Lyme CT. The lake is bordered by the Nehantic State Forest on the western side and Beckett Hill State Park on the northeastern side. There are a few private residences on the southeastern side of the pond and a state boat ramp on the southern end of the lake for "carry-in" only.

Our CAES IAPP 2015 survey of Uncas Lake is a resurvey from 2004. In 2004, we found 18 native aquatic plant species and no invasive species. In our 2015 survey, we found a very rich diversity of 26 native species and no invasive species. Because of the steep drop off in bathymetry of the lake, there is only a small littoral zone that supports plant growth. Similar to 2004, our 2015 survey found white water lily (Nymphaea odorata) to be the most dominant plant growing around much of the shoreline. Other commonly occurring species were sevenangle pipewort (Eriocaulon aquaticum), watershield (Brasenia schreberi), and floating-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton natans).

Species recorded in our 2015 survey of Uncas Lake.
Scientific Names
Arrowhead Lesser bladderwort Robbins' pondweed Spotted pondweed
Common bladderwort Low watermilfoil Sevenangle pipewort Water starwort
Dortmann's cardinalflower Pickerelweed Slender naiad Watershield
Eelgrass Primrose-Willow Slender watermilfoil White water lily
Floating bladderwort Purple bladderwort Small pondweed Yellow water lily
Floating-Leaf pondweed Quillwort Spikerush
Humped bladderwort Ribbon-Leaf pondweed Spineless hornwort
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