Private Pond, Clinton
Clinton Pond 

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In August 2013, the CAES IAPP conducted a vegetative survey of a 1-acre pond located on private property in Clinton, CT. It is a small, shallow pond with a maximum depth of 4 meters. Access to the pond is limited to the resident’s backyard for personal use.

The survey found 12 plant species, none of which were invasive. Watershield (Brasenia schreberi), white water lily (Nymphaea odorata), and floating bladderwort (Utricularia radiata) dominated the pond except for an open area where the water depth was too deep to support plant life. Of the ten transect points, watershield and white water lily were present on 50% and floating bladderwort was present on 20%.

   A few other species that were prominent in the pond included yellow water lily (Nuphar variegata), floating-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton natans), and pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata). White water lily was found throughout the pond in several patches, with a large patch on the eastern side. Floating-Leaf pondweed was found in a large patch on the northeast side along with a few small patches along the southern and western shoreline. Pickerelweed was found in a large patch on the eastern side with a few small patches on the northeast shore as well as the southern shore. The eastern to southeast portion of the pond is especially difficult to navigate as it was extremely shallow and filled with plants.

Species recorded in our 2013 survey of Private Clinton Pond.
Scientific Names
Floating bladderwort Primrose-Willow Spotted pondweed
Floating-Leaf pondweed Ribbon-Leaf pondweed Watershield
Pickerelweed Slender naiad White water lily
Pondweed Spikerush Yellow water lily