Pinewood Lake, Trumbull - 2004


2004 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Pinewood Lake

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Pinewood Lake, which has an area of 60 acres, is controlled by a lake association, which manages a beach on the lake’s southern end and prohibits use by non-members. An unimproved boat launch area exists at the lake’s north end; gas motors are prohibited. The sides of the lake have been developed with private residences, and the surrounding watershed also is heavily developed. Public sanitary sewers serve all homes in the area.

An invasive species, minor naiad (Najas minor), was the most abundant aquatic plant recorded during a September 2004 survey of Pinewood Lake. Minor naiad, an annual plant, occurred widely around the lake, primarily in water less than 8 feet deep. It was one of 10 aquatic plants recorded during the survey.  Minor naiad covered the bottom in the shallow north end of the lake. Eelgrass (Vallisneria americana) was found in small patches in this area, and individual plants of small pondweed (Potamogeton pusillus) and spikerush (Eleocharis species) also were recorded. Eelgrass formerly was more abundant in Pinewood Lake and had been treated with pesticides because of residents’ concerns with its abundance. Eelgrass was found during the 2004 survey in scattered patches around the lake.

Plants were confined to shallow coves on the western side of the lake. Minor naiad was most abundant, occurring with eelgrass. Low watermilfoil (Myriophyllum humile), spiney-spored quillwort (Isoëtes echinospora), yellow water lily (Nuphar variegata) and spikerush occurred in one small cove, with minor naiad and eelgrass. Several small patches of snailseed pondweed (Potamogeton bicupulatus) were recorded at the northern end of the lake and in a cove on the western side of the lake. Farther south along the western shore and along the southern end of the lake, the bottom was largely covered by minor naiad, with some patches of eelgrass and snailseed pondweed. Vegetation was patchy on the eastern side, although eelgrass was more abundant than elsewhere. Patches of spiney-spored quillwort, snailseed pondweed, small pondweed, low watermilfoil, yellow water lily, and minor naiad also were recorded.

Species recorded in our 2004 survey of Pinewood Lake.
Scientific Names
*Invasive Species
Eelgrass Small pondweed
Low watermilfoil Small waterwort
Minor naiad* Snailseed pondweed
Needle spikerush Spiney-Spored quillwort
Slender naiad Yellow water lily

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