Mitchell Pond in Salem, CT 2019

Mitchell Pond, Salem

CAES IAPP survey map of Mitchell Pond in 2019

2019 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Mitchell Pond

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Mitchell Pond is an 18-acre waterbody located in Salem, CT. There is no boat launch. The waterbody is relatively shallow with a maximum depth of roughly 1.6 meters. This was the first survey performed by CAES IAPP on Mitchell Pond.

In 2019, CAES IAPP found 17 aquatic plant species. No invasives were found. The majority of the pond was covered in white water lily (Nymphaea odorata). Two other floating species, yellow water lily (Nuphar variegata) and watershield (Brasenia schreberi) were common in much of the waterbody. The northeastern section of the pond was impassable by boat because of the dense lilies. This is to be expected from a small, shallow pond. Despite the abundance of lilies, Mitchell Pond maintains a diverse assemblage of native aquatic plant species.

Species recorded in our 2019 survey of Mitchell Pond
Scientific Names
Bur-Reed Large-Leaf pondweed Slender naiad
Cattail Leafy pondweed Spikerush
Common bladderwort Lesser bladderwort
Coontail Pickerelweed White water lily
Floating bladderwort Primrose-Willow
Yellow water lily
Humped bladderwort Ribbon-Leaf pondweed