Lakeview Lake (Willow Lake), West Hartford
Lakeview Lake Species Map

2006 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Lakeview Lake

Lakeview Lake (Willow Lake) is a 3-acre pond in West Hartford, CT. Our August 2006 survey, found only six species of aquatic plants. The southern 1/3 of the lake is filled with nearly impenetrable filamentous algae and free floating watermeal (Wolffia species) and common duckweed (Lemna minor). This vegetation blocks the light and inhibits other plant growth. The east and west shores in the middle of the lake support an even mix of small pondweed (Potamogeton pusillus) and slender naiad (Najas flexilis). In addition, the east shore has small quantities of arrowhead (Sagittaria species) and marsh primrose-willow (Ludwigia palustris). The northern portion of the lake was devoid of all notable plant life, except for one patch of small pondweed.

Species recorded in our 2006 survey of Lakeview Lake.
Scientific Names
Arrowhead Slender naiad
Common duckweed Small pondweed
Marsh primrose-willow Watermeal