Higby Reservoir #2, Middletown

Survey Map

2010 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Higby Reservoir #2

Water Data

Higby Reservoir #2 is an 18-acre reservoir located in Middletown, CT. There are four reservoirs in this area.  A causeway between Reservoir #1 and #2 can be found near the northern coast of the reservoir. This is the only inflow for the reservoir. 

The 2010 survey revealed the presence of four plants with no invasives. Western waterweed (Elodea nuttallii) was the most common plant in the reservoir. Small and medium patches were found near the causeway. Medium to large patches were found along the western coast and small to large patches were found along the eastern coast.  A very large patch filled the entire southern portion of the lake. There was also a cluster of patches found in the center of the lake. The next most common plant was grassy arrowhead (Sagittaria graminea). Small to medium patches were found on the other side of the inflow at the causeway. A long narrow patch was found along the lower portion of the western shore along with medium to small patches above it. Another long narrow patch was found along the western shore. Only two small patches were found of small waterwort (Elatine minima). These were found in the inflow along the causeway in the northern portion of the lake. One narrow patch of needle spikerush (Eleocharis acicularis) was at the lowest portion of the eastern coast.

Species recorded in our 2010 survey of Higby Reservoir #2.
Scientific Names
Grassy arrowhead Small waterwort
Needle spikerush Western waterweed