Beaver Dam Lake, Stratford

Beaver Dam Lake Species Map

2009 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Beaver Dam Lake

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            Beaver Dam Lake is a 57.8-acre lake located in Stratford, CT. The shoreline of Beaver Dam Lake is a sparsely developed. Woods surround the majority of the lake while the dam is located on the southeastern end, and the dike is located on the southwestern end. There is no public access to this lake, and no gas motors are allowed.

            Our July 2009 survey found nine aquatic plant species. Only minor naiad (Najas minor)  is classified as invasive, and it was found in only small areas along south of the boat launch, on the northwestern shore, in the southwest corner, and in a cove on the east side of the lake. The most abundant species of plant was clasping-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton perfoliatus) which was found around the entire shoreline. Western waterweed (Elodea nuttallii) was found in the northern end, southwest corner, and east cove.  

            Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata) and eelgrass (Vallisneria americana) were found scattered around the lake. White water lily (Nymphaea odorata), arrowhead (Sagittaria species), and American waterwort (Elatine americana) were the least abundant species of plant found. White water lily occurred in a few small coves on the west side of the lake as well as two sparse patches on the southern end. We found arrowhead in the northern portion of the lake as well along the shoreline in the northern tip of the east cove. American waterwort was only found once, in shallow water along the shoreline on the northeast side of the lake.