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Attorney General Tong Shuts Down Ghost Gun Dealer Following Illegal Sales in Connecticut

(Hartford, CT) – Attorney General William Tong announced today that Florida-based ghost gun dealer Steel Fox Firearms will dissolve in a settlement with the State following the sale of illegal, untraceable ghost gun parts in Connecticut.

Steel Fox has agreed to dissolve, surrender its internet domain, and deactivate all social media accounts. For a period of five years, Steel Fox’s principal must annually report whether he or any other agents of Steel Fox have formed a business to resume sale of ghost gun parts. Should he or any other current or former Steel Fox agents resume sale of ghost gun parts through a new business, he must attest to full compliance with Connecticut laws. Should Steel Fox associates sell illegally in Connecticut again, or violate any other terms of the settlement, a $255,000 penalty will be triggered.

“Ghost guns exist for one purpose—to evade law enforcement and registration. These crime guns are an untraceable menace to public safety. Connecticut banned the sale and receipt of ghost gun components in 2019. Steel Fox was well aware of our law, and they shipped illegal gun parts to Connecticut anyway. Our settlement puts a bad actor out of business and sends a strong message to anyone illegally shipping these weapons into our state—we will find you, stop you, and hold you accountable,” said Attorney General Tong.

On October 1, 2019, Connecticut banned the sale and receipt of unfinished frame and lower receiver gun components lacking serial numbers or unique identification, which are used to build ghost guns. Steel Fox knew the law, and stated on their website that they would not ship “AR-15 80% Lower Receiver” ghost gun kits to Connecticut. Despite that, Steel Fox sold and shipped illegal ghost guns to customers in Connecticut.

Attorney General Tong sued Steel Fox and three other out-of-state firearms dealers in April 2023. The other three cases, against Indie Guns of Florida, Hell Fire Armory of North Carolina, and AR Industries of Utah remain pending.

Assistant Attorneys General Rebecca Quinn, Katherine Hagmann-Borsenstein and Addison Keilty, and Deputy Associate Attorney General Mike Wertheimer, head of the Consumer Protection Section are assisting the Attorney General in this matter.
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