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January 8, 2016
State Web site Fights Waste, Fraud and Abuse: Public’s Help Needed
The State of Connecticut has launched a website to help its efforts at fighting fraud, waste and abuse that cost state programs tens of millions of dollars each year.
“” is a one-stop source to both (a) educate the public on what constitutes waste, fraud and abuse in government programs, and (b) make it easier for the public to report suspicious conduct.
The user-friendly website is an outgrowth of the state’s Interagency Fraud Taskforce.  Governor Malloy created the Task Force in 2013 to coordinate efforts by 13 state agencies and strengthen the state's ability to identify, investigate, prosecute and recover state funds.
An important part of the website provides ways for the public to report suspected wrongdoing in tax filings, health care, anti-trust violations, unfair competition, workers’ compensation and more.
Since November 2013 the state has identified and recovered tens of millions of dollars in funds from fraudulent practices in the multi-billion dollar Medicaid program, by enhancing the state’s False Claims Act and hiring a high-tech firm to help detect patterns of Medicaid fraud.
“The state has been making a major effort to crack down on fraud, waste and abuse,” said Ben Barnes, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management. “Agencies work with the Attorney General and Chief State’s Attorney to make sure we root out fraud and recover public funds. This website asks the people of Connecticut to join our fight. The public is our first and best defense against theft of state resources. Together, we can make sure our programs have the integrity they demand, while dedicating resources to people who really need them. This is a zero tolerance state when it comes to fraud.”
"My office works very closely with our agency and law enforcement partners to protect state programs, and the taxpayers who fund them, from fraud," said Attorney General George Jepsen. "The public plays an important role in our work, and the state's new Fight Fraud Web site offers helpful resources for individuals who believe they have information about fraudulent activity and want to join in the task force's efforts to stop it."
"The Division of Criminal Justice is committed to doing all that we can to assure that the limited resources available for programs that help people are spent as intended. We thank the Department of Social Services and the Office of the Attorney General for making our fraud detection programs a truly collaborative and successful effort," said Chief State's Attorney Kevin T. Kane.
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