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March 10, 2015
Attorney General Jepsen Wants Information from Lumber Liquidators
 on Formaldehyde Levels in Some Laminate Flooring Products
Attorney General George Jepsen wants information from flooring retailer Lumber Liquidators about Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring sold online and in its Connecticut stores that, according to a recent media report, may contain high levels of formaldehyde despite purporting to be in compliance with certain legal standards.
In a letter sent today to the company's president and its general counsel, the Attorney General has asked the company whether it intends to discontinue the sale of the flooring and whether it will take any corrective action to compensate consumers who may have the flooring installed in their homes.
"Exposure to formaldehyde can have serious and negative health effects, especially in children," said Attorney General Jepsen said. "The allegations made in the report are deeply concerning and raise questions as to whether the company mislabeled its products – either knowingly or unknowingly – and whether it will address any complaints it may receive from Connecticut consumers about the formaldehyde content of their flooring. I have opened an investigation into this matter and have asked the company to address a number of questions regarding the products as part of that investigation."
Lumber Liquidators operates stores in 46 states, including six located in Connecticut in Danbury, Hartford, North Haven, Norwalk, Waterbury and Waterford. It sells both hardwood and laminate flooring products.
The Attorney General seeks to determine, among other things, if Lumber Liquidators violated Connecticut trade practice law that prohibits deceptive statements in consumer sales. According to an investigative report that aired recently on the television news program 60 Minutes, Lumber Liquidators labelled its product sold across the country as compliant with the California formaldehyde standard.   The report alleges, however, that Chinese-made laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators that was tested averaged formaldehyde levels at six to seven times higher than the California standard, with some products testing at levels 20 times above allowable levels. The company's American-made laminate flooring tested within acceptable levels. 
Assistant Attorney General Thomas Saadi is assisting the Attorney General with this matter.
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