July 29, 2014
Statement from Attorney General Jepsen and Healthcare Advocate Veltri
on Insurance Commissioner's Anthem Rate Ruling
Attorney General George Jepsen and Healthcare Advocate Victoria Veltri today issued the following joint statement on the state Department of Insurance's ruling rejecting Anthem's application for an increase in rates on individual health insurance policies:
"As we demonstrated during the course of the public hearing, the rates requested in the application were excessive and unsupported by sufficient evidence. This ruling requires Anthem to resubmit its application in accordance with the department's recommendations – which will result in lower rates than Anthem had requested. We believe the transparency of the hearing process in this case, including the opportunity to cross-examine Anthem’s witnesses, contributed significantly to the department's decision to deny Anthem's application. We believe that full transparency contributes substantially to the department’s review in these matters, and we will continue to pursue public hearings when necessary to ensure a full vetting of carriers’ proposed rates."
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