Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Applauds DPUC Approval Of 5.2 Percent Rate Decrease, Vows To Fight CL&P Rate Request

December 29, 2009

"This very modest rate cut will mean next to nothing if CL&P is granted the increase it seeks early next year. The decision makes only a small dent in our among-the-highest-the-nation rates and leaves Connecticut with economy-breaking electricity costs that stifle recovery and burden consumers struggling to make ends meet.

"I will fight for bigger reductions, opposing a proposed CL&P $210 million rate increase that would eliminate an upcoming additional 5 percent decrease. CL&P is seeking to pull the rug from under recession-racked consumers and businesses just as they struggle to their feet. CL&P must continue tightening its belt, just like its customers.

"Even with this decrease, Connecticut's electricity rates remain unacceptable -- among the highest in the nation. I will continue fighting for comprehensive reform of our broken electricity market, pushing even harder for a public power authority to foster competition and purchasing flexibility, driving down prices.

"This rate decrease is the fruit of reforms enacted at my office's urging, including purchasing practices that enable consumers to take advantage of falling generation costs. I will fight to build on these successful reforms, bringing down Connecticut's artificially inflated power prices."