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Active Teacher

Withdrawal Privilege

If you terminate active membership in our system, you may apply for a refund of your account contribution balance. You may not apply for a refund while on a leave of absence or borrow funds from your account. The refund amount is based upon your number of years of service and the account balance as of the date of the refund.

By withdrawing your funds, you forfeit your right to any retirement benefit that you may be eligible for from this system. If you have a minimum of 10 years of Connecticut teaching service, be sure to understand the amount of the potential benefit you will be forfeiting by withdrawing your funds.

The amount of your refund is based on the number of years that you have credited with this system.

If you have five or more years of credited service, the refund will consist of your contributions with interest plus your contributions to the supplemental account through June 1989 with no interest.

If you have less than five years of credited service, the refund will consist of your contributions with interest.  Your contributions to the supplemental account through June 1989, as well as the related interest, will be forfeited.

For further information on withdrawing your deposits, obtain the Withdrawing Your CTRB Member's Deposit Packet (PDF 245KB).