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Name of State Connecticut
Official Designation: "The Constitution State" was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1959.
Indian Name (Beside the Long Tidal River) Quinnehtukqut
State Motto: Qui Transtulit Sustinet--He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.

The emblems of the State are as follows:
The State Seal was provided for in the Constitution, 1818.
The State Flag was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1897.
The State Flower, the Mountain Laurel, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1907.
The State Bird, the Robin, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1943.
The State Tree, the White Oak, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1947.
The State Animal, the Sperm Whale, Physeter Catodon, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1975.
The State Insect, the Praying Mantis, Mantis Religiosa, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1977.
The State Mineral, the Garnet, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1977.
The State Song, "Yankee Doodle," was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1978.
The State Ship, USS Nautilus, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1983.
The State Hero, Nathan Hale, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1985.
The State Shellfish, the Eastern Oyster, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1989.
The State Composer, Charles Edward Ives, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1991.
The State Fossil, Eubrontes Giganteus, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1991.
The State Heroine, Prudence Crandall, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1995.
The State Tartan (see C.G.S., Sec. 3-110j for a description), was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1995.
The State Folk Dance, Square Dance, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1995.
The State Flagship and Tall Ship Ambassador, the Freedom Schooner Amistad, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 2003.
The State Cantata, "The Nutmeg" by Stanley L. Ralph, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 2003.
The State Fish, American Shad, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 2003.
The State Aircraft, F4U Corsair, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 2005.
The State Children's Flower, Michaela Petit's Four-O'Clocks, was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 2015.
Hartford has been the sole Capital City since 1875
Population, 2016, estimated 3,576,452
Cities with largest population (2016, est.): 1. Bridgeport, 145,936
2. New Haven, 129,934 3. Stamford, 129,113
4. Hartford, 123,243 5. Waterbury, 108,272
Counties .......8 Towns .......169 Cities .......21 Boroughs .........9
Net Grand List of Taxable Property (2016) est. $373,778,373,176
Average rate of taxation (2016) est. 30.62 mills
Birth Rate (2016-per 1,000 pop.) 10.07
Death Rate (2016-per 1,000 pop.) 8.54
Area of State approx. 5,565 square miles; 3,561,886 acres
Land Area of State approx. 5,565 square miles; 3,561,886 acres
Length of Boundary approx. 330 miles (including boundary with New York and Rhode Island in Long Island Sound and Fishers Island Sound)
Length of Shoreline approx. 332 miles (including bays and coves)
Highest Altitude approx. 2,380 ft. above sea level (slope of Mt. Frissell in Salisbury)
Mileage of Rivers and Streams approx. 9,700
Number of Lakes and Ponds approx. 3,900
State Parks 107
State Forests 32
National Historic Landmarks 60
Miles on State Highway System 4,142.61
State Maintained Access Roads and Ramps 426.00
State Maintained Routes 3,735
Miles of Divided Lane Highways in System 739.18
Receipts of State Government for the fiscal year July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017 $39,943,969,983
Disbursements of State Government for the fiscal year July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017

Elective State Officers
   Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General
United States Senators from Connecticut 2
United States Representatives 5
State Senators in the General Assembly 36
Representatives in the General Assembly 151
Number of full-time state positions 28,209
Justices of the Supreme Court 7
Judges of the Appellate Court 9
Judges of the Superior Court 185
Senior Judges 27
Probate Courts 54
Regional Children's Probate Courts 6
Dept. of Emergency Services & Public Protection 1
State Police Troops 11
Correctional Centers 4
   Number of Inmates, July 1, 2017 3,507
Correctional Institutions 10
   Number of Inmates, July 1, 2017 10,885
Youth Institution 1
   Number of Inmates, July 1, 2017 567
University of Connecticut's John N. Dempsey Hospital (State, General) 1
Number of in-patient beds - Licensed General Hospital Beds 224
Bassinets (well born) 10
State Inpatient Facilities for Mental Health and Addiction Services 3
Number of patients on books, Jan. 1, 2017 644
State Training School for persons with intellectual disability 1
Regions 3
Number of clients in residential settings and with DDS funded residential supports*, December 31, 2016 7,919
*This number includes 354 individuals living in Private Intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID) and Community Living Arrangements (CLAs) that are funded by the Department of Social Svs.
Full-Time Employees*
University of Connecticut (Including the UConn Health Center) 1 8,582 32,182
CSCU - Connecticut State University 4 3,119 33,033
CSCU - Community Colleges 12 2,121 49,380
CSCU - Charter Oak State College 1 60 1,500
Independent Colleges and Universities 22 22,510 81,564
U.S. Coast Guard Academy 1 104 1,045
*Totals as of 2017. Excludes colleges that do not participate in federal financial aid programs.
Full-Time Equivalent Professional Staff
Local Public Schools 1,337 47,612 495,349
Charter Schools 24 890.2 10,187
Academies 3 358.1 3,952
State Technical High Schools
17 1,210.2 10,729
State or State-Aided Schools 32 225.8 327
Regional Educational Service Centers 70 1,785.2 14,481
Nonpublic Schools 304 10,547 (Counts, not FTE) 56,253
*Note: These numbers include both public schools/programs and non-public schools.
(2012 Census)
Number of Farms 6,000
Land in Farms 440,000 acres
Average Size of Farm 73 acres
Market Value of Products Sold $550,620,000
     Crop Sales $389,137,000 (71 percent)
     Livestock Sales $161,482,000 (29 percent)
     Average Per Farm $91,770
Government Payments $4,841,000
     Average Per Farm Receiving Payments $9,328
Total value of agricultural products sold 550,620
     Value of crops including nursery and greenhouse 389,137
     Value of livestock, poultry, and their products 161,482
Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, and dry peas 15,216
Tobacco 35,722
Cotton and cottonseed
Vegetables, melons, potatoes, and sweet potatoes 36,386
Fruits, tree nuts, and berries 27,349
Nursery, greenhouse, floriculture, and sod 252,923
Cut Christmas trees and short rotation woody crops 6,049
Other crops and hay 15,492
Poultry and eggs 48,859
Cattle and calves 9,751
Milk from cows 69,843
Hogs and pigs 1,259
Sheep, goats, wool, mohair, and milk 1,435
Horses, ponies, mules, burros, and donkeys 8,089
Aquaculture 19,665
Other animals and other animal products 2,583
Forage-land used for all hay and haylage, grass silage, and greenchop 69,013
Corn for silage 21,436
Vegetables harvested, all 9,293
Corn for grain 6,548
Cut Christmas trees 5,389
Layers (D)
Pullets for laying replacements (D)
Broilers and other meat type chickens 79,605
Cattle and calves 48,278
Horses and ponies 17,424
Other State Highlights, 2012
Economic Characteristics
Farms by value of sales:
     Less than $1,000 1,903
     $1,000 to $2,499 749
     $2,500 to $4,999 820
     $5,000 to $9,999 709
     $10,000 to $19,999 581
     $20,000 to $24,999 162
     $25,000 to $39,999 264
     $40,000 to $49,999 88
     $50,000 to $99,999 243
     $100,000 to $249,999 194
     $250,000 to $499,999 103
     $500,000 or more 161
Total farm production expenses ($1,000) 586,466
     Average per farm ($) 98,120
Net cash from farm income of operation ($1,000) 25,568
     Average per farm ($) 4,278
Operator Characteristics
Principal operators by primary occupation:
     Farming 2,766
     Other 3,211
Principal operators by sex:
     Male 4,472
     Female 1,505
All operators by race 2:
     American Indian or Alaska Native 23
     Asian 24
Black or African American 11
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
White 9,474
More than one race 57
All Operators of Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino Origin 2: 129
See "Census of Agriculture, Volume 1, Geographic Area Series" for complete footnotes, explanations, definitions, and methodology.
- Represents zero.
(D) Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individuals operations.
2 Data were collected for a maximum of three operators per farm.
Connecticut Businesses (as of March 29, 2018) approx. 421,174
Foreign Businesses (as of March 29, 2018) approx. 69,231
Corporation Taxes, including Corporation Business Tax, Business Entity Tax, and Unrelated Business Income Tax, July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017 $1,037,585,522
Personal Income Tax, July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017 $8,988,607,484
Sales and Use Tax, July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017 $4,380,162,664
Fees received by Office of Secretary of the State from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017
Notaries Public
Water Companies - Investor owned 9
Water Companies - Municipal 46
Gas Companies - Investor owned 3
Gas Companies - Municipal 1
Water and Sewer Investor Companies 1
Sewer Companies 0
Electric Companies - Investor 2
Electric Companies - Municipal 6
Number of Railroads 12
Route miles of active trackage 629
Track miles of active trackage (includes multi-track commuter mainline and Amtrak lines; excludes yard tracks) 851
Domestic Telephone Companies providing service in Connecticut 2
Number of Access Lines 683,928
Community Antenna Television 8
Number of Bus Companies, under the jurisdiction of Regulatory and Compliance: 43 Intrastate, 35 Interstate, 8 Fixed Route.
Number of Bus Companies under the jurisdiction of Public Transportation: 8 Urban, 3 Rural Transit Districts operating own systems and 2 operating both urban and rural, plus 8 divisions of Conn. Transit - 3 operated by HNS Management and 5 state-owned privately operated.
Number of Taxi Companies 114
Banks and Thrifts 67
National Banks 20
State Banks and Trust Companies 7
State Savings Banks 24
Federal Savings Banks 4
State Savings and Loan Associations 0
Federal Savings and Loan Associations 1
Out of State Banks (operating branches in CT) 8
Foreign Banks (operating branches in CT) 3
State Credit Unions 32
Federal Credit Unions 68
Out of State Credit Unions (operating branches in CT) 11
Check Cashers 117
Debt Adjusters 44
Loan Processor/Underwriter 220
Money Transmitters and Issuers of Money Orders and Travelers' Checks 117
Small Loan Companies 37
Sales Finance Companies 163
Consumer Collection Agencies 961
Mortgage Companies 1,310
Mortgage Loan Originators 7,587
Mortgage Servicers 154
Student Loan Servicers 44
Securities Broker-Dealers Registered 2,116
Securities Broker-Dealer Agents Registered 163,204
Securities Broker-Dealer Branch Offices Registered 2,568
Agents of Issuer Registered 17
SEC Registered Advisors Filing Notice 2,119
Investment Advisers Registered 491
Investment Adviser Agents Registered 13,579
Exempt Reporting Advisers 126
Insurance Companies with Home Office Headquarters in Connecticut, June 30, 2017 96
All Active Motor Vehicle Registrations as of January 2018 3,106,692
Total Number of Valid Driver's Licenses as of January 2018 2,686,261
Newspapers published in State (daily, Sunday, weekly and monthly) approx. 113
Broadcasting Stations (AM) approx. 33
Broadcasting Stations (FM) approx. 40
Television Stations in State approx. 11 
Acupuncturists 399
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses 5,018
Athletic Trainers 758
Audiologists 273
Barbers 1,807
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors 203
Chiropractors 984
Dental Conscious Sedation Permittees 152
Dental Hygienists 3,755
Dentists 3,436
Dieticians/Nutritionists 1,006
Electrologists 133
Embalmers 809
Funeral Directors 42
Hairdressers/Cosmeticians 2,145
Hearing Instrument Specialists 126
Homeopathic Physicians 8
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors 877
Licensed Clinical Social Workers 6,762
Licensed Nurse Midwives 206
Licensed Practical Nurses 12,885
Marital and Family Therapists 1,370
Massage Therapists 5,512
Naturopathic Physicians 355
Nursing Home Administrators 698
Occupational Therapists 2,456
Occupational Therapist Assistants 978
Optical Selling Permit 230
Opticians 700
Optometrists 724
Perfusionists 83
Physical Therapists 5,151
Physical Therapist Assistants 961
Physicians Assistants
Physicians/Surgeons 17,602
Podiatrists 312
Professional Counselors 2,666
Psychologists 2,047
Radiographers 4,144
Registered Nurses 64,509
Respiratory Care Practitioners 1,779
Speech and Language Pathologists 2,782
Standard Ankle Surgery Permittees 20
Tattoo Technicians 452
Veterinarians 1,502
Connecticut Airport Authority-owned Airports:  Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks; Groton-New London Airport, Groton; Hartford-Brainard Airport, Hartford; Danielson Airport, Killingly; Waterbury-Oxford Airport, Oxford; Windham Airport, Windham.
Commercial Airports 22*
Commercial Heliports 8
Private Heliports 55**
Private Seaplane Bases 7
Commercial Seaplane Bases 0
Private Airports 30***
* Includes state-owned and municipally owned.
**Includes state heliport.
***Includes 2 restricted military airports.
Number of Indian Reservations in Connecticut    
Number of residents
Golden Hill Paugussett Reservation, Trumbull (1/4 acre)  6
Golden Hill Paugussett Reservation, Colchester (106 acres)  2 to 8
Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Reservation, North Stonington (225 acres) 12
Mashantucket Pequot Reservation, Ledyard (1,500 acres federal trust land) 330
Mohegan Reservation, Uncasville (240 acres)(409 acres federal trust land) 105
Schaghticoke Reservation, Kent (400 acres) 9
January 1 New Year's Day
First Monday on or after January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 12 Lincoln Day
Third Monday in February Washington's Birthday
Last Monday in May Memorial Day
July 4 Independence Day
First Monday in September Labor Day
Second Monday in October Columbus Day
November 12 Veterans' Day
December 25 Christmas
Whenever any of such days occurs upon a Sunday, the Monday next following such day shall be a legal holiday and whenever any of such days occurs upon a Saturday, the Friday immediately preceding such day shall be a legal holiday. (Sec. 1-4 CT. Gen. Stat.)
*The Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
*The Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day

*These days are designated by the Governor.