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Statement of Secretary of the State Denise Merrill on Senate Passage of the Early Voting Constitutional Amendment

“I’m glad the Senate passed Early Voting, however it’s disheartening that the majority of the Republican Senate caucus was unwilling to make voting more convenient for their constituents. This is especially true considering the overwhelming bipartisan support this amendment received in the House, just a few weeks ago.

“39 states have some form of Early Voting, and 40 million voters voted early in the last election; this is a reform that is widely accepted and wildly popular across the country. From Arkansas to Wyoming, there is bipartisan consensus that Early Voting allows more voters to exercise their right to vote more conveniently.

“It is shameful that only one Republican senator was willing to put the interest of their voters ahead of perceived, yet misguided, partisan advantage. This amendment wasn’t about partisanship, it was about the voters.” – Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill

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