Teacher Education And Mentoring (TEAM) Program


Welcome to the Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) Program!

As a new teacher, you join the most important profession there is.

Many believe the most important professions are doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other high-paying professions. While those are definitely important professions, without teachers who have introduced children to those fields and prepared them in math and science, children would not be prepared to enter those professions. The strength of every profession in our country grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers help to instill in our children.

The mission of the TEAM Program

To promote excellence, equity and high achievement for Connecticut students by engaging teachers in purposeful exploration of professional practice through guided support and personal reflection.

What is the TEAM Program

The TEAM Program is a process of continuous professional growth designed around five professional growth modules. Depending on the beginning teacher’s area of certification and teaching assignment, they are required to complete up to five modules which are focused on the following domains of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT):

  1. Classroom environment
  2. Planning
  3. Instruction
  4. Assessment
  5. Professional responsibility

Learning to teach is a developmental process that begin in preservice and continues throughout a teacher’s profession. The first years in the classroom are exciting and challenging. The TEAM program pairs every new classroom teacher with a trained mentor who guides the new teacher through those first years in the classroom.

The Cycle of Continuous Professional Growth

Mentors and beginning teachers engage in a cycle of professional growth – together they reflect on practice, identify an area of need/growth, engage in professional learning, apply the new learning, and reflect on the impact on the teacher’s practice and student outcomes.

Each module is focused within the context of the teacher’s own students, subject, grade level, curriculum requirements and school and district goals. Teachers demonstrate completion of each module through either a reflection paper or project, depending on their district’s plan.

Module 5 - Professional Responsibilities is different from the other four modules, which are primarily classroom centered. By design, this module serves to educate new teachers about their professional responsibility in regard to expectations for ethical and moral integrity and making connections beyond the classroom to the larger school/district educational community and to the community of student and families. To fulfill Module 5 requirements, teachers must engage in district-facilitated conversations that focus on ethical and professional dilemmas.

Eligibility for Provisional Certification

Successful completion of the TEAM Program is required for eligibility to advance from an Initial Educator Certificate to a Provisional Educator Certificate.

Separation of TEAM Program Results and Employment Decisions

The TEAM legislation states that “local and regional Boards of Education shall not consider a teacher’s completion of the teacher education and mentoring program as a factor in its decision to continue a teacher’s employment in the district.”

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