Greetings! The Connecticut State Board of Education has undertaken a months-long process of developing it's 2023-2028 Five-Year Plan. After several months of meetings and retreats, engagement with thousands of stakeholders through surveys and focus groups, input by Connecticut State Department of Education staff and leadership, the latest draft, which includes goals, action items and outcomes, has been developed. Please use the link below to access the latest draft of the plan. We welcome your review and comments using the fillable form . Draft Comprehensive Plan 2023-2028

TEAM - Module 5


Module 5 of TEAM is aligned with domain 6 of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT) - Professional Responsibilities and Teacher Leadership.

Teachers maximize support for student learning by developing and demonstrating professionalism, collaboration with others, and leadership by:

  1. Continually engaging in reflection, self-evaluation and professional development to enhance their understandings of content, pedagogical skills, resources and the impact of their actions on student learning;
  2. Seeking professional development opportunities to enhance skills related to teaching and meeting the needs of all students;
  3. Collaborating with colleagues, administrators, students and their families to develop and sustain a positive school climate;
  4. Collaborating with colleagues and administrators to examine student learning data, instructional strategies, curricula, and organizational structures to support continuous school and district improvement;
  5. Guiding and coaching paraprofessionals and collaborating with colleagues, administrators, and special services staff to monitor the impact of instructional or behavioral support and interventions;
  6. Proactively communicating in culturally respectful and sensitive ways with families in order to ensure their ongoing awareness of student progress and encourage opportunities to support their child’s learning;
  7. Understanding the legal rights of students with disabilities and their families within the intervention, referral, and individualized education plan process;
  8. Understanding how one’s race, gender and culture affect professional interactions with students, families and colleagues;
  9. Using communication technology in a professional and ethical manner;
  10. Collaborating with colleagues, administrators, and families in the development of individualized student success plans to address goal setting, personal and academic development, post secondary and career exploration, and/or capstone projects; and
  11. Conducting themselves as professionals in accordance with the Connecticut’s Code of Professional Responsibility for Educators.

Introduction to Module 5

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