Mentor Training and Eligibility


TEAM Mentor Eligibility Timeline

Mentors must complete a minimum of three Professional Learning Units (PLUs) in order to remain eligible to serve in the role of mentor.

It is recommended that mentors complete one PLU per year.

All mentors/cooperating teachers must be TEAM-trained and be updated by completing a minimum of three Professional Learning Units (PLUs) every three years.

The CSDE has extended the deadline for mentors whose eligibility expired, and the following table lists the updated expiration dates:

Original Training Expiration Date Requirement New Expiration Date
2017 or earlier Must take IST  
2018 Complete 3 PLUs 7/1/2025
2019 Complete 3 PLUs 7/1/2025
2020 Complete 3 PLUs 7/1/2025
2021 Complete 3 PLUs 7/1/2025