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Learning and Diabetes


This 2019 updated Learning and Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Schools and Families includes guidance and a model Diabetes Management Plan and Authorization for Medical Treatment form (DMP) that supersedes all previous guidance issued by the Connecticut State Departments of Education (CSDE) and Public Health (DPH) regarding diabetes management, including the ability of a school nurse to collaborate with a parent/guardian regarding insulin dosing for the parent/guardian’s child during school hours and at school-sponsored events.

The following individuals reviewed all or sections of the Learning and Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Connecticut Schools and Families, 2019:

  • Stephanie Knutson, Ed.D, RN, Project Manager, CSDE
  • Kathleen Boulware, DPH
  • Barbara Cass, DPH
  • Susan Fiore, CSDE
  • John Frassinelli, CSDE
  • Suzanne Levasseur, Association of School Nurses of Connecticut (ASNC)
  • Louis Todisco, CSDE

    This guidance document was revised in 2012 and the following individuals reviewed all or sections of the Learning and Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Connecticut Schools and Families, 2012:

  • Stephanie Knutson, Ed.D., RN, Project Manager, CSDE
  • Karen Bucci, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Marie Burlette, Connecticut Technical High School System
  • Joan Cagginello, Milford Health Department and ASNC
  • Susan Fiore, CSDE
  • Patricia Krin, Newington Public Schools
  • Donna Kosiorowski, West Haven Public Schools
  • Cindy Kozak, DPH
  • Suzanne Levasseur, Westport Public Schools
  • Cheryl Resha, CSDE

This manual was originally developed in 2005 through the cooperation of key organizations and individuals committed to improving diabetes care for children in schools throughout Connecticut. Recognition is also extended to the original contributors. These individuals and organizations are listed below:

  • Joanne Ahern
  • Phil Apruzzese
  • Karen Bucci
  • Joseph Castagnola
  • Cathy Castaldi, Parent
  • Eileen Clark, Parent
  • William Cross, Parent
  • Faine Gauthier
  • Wendy Harwin
  • Patricia Krin
  • David Larson
  • Sheila McKay
  • Pat Philipp
  • Linda Pica
  • Cheryl Resha, Project Manager
  • Paul Rossi, Parent
  • Patricia Vadya


  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital and Medical Center Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • National Diabetes Education Program: Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel
  • New York State Department of Health: Diabetes in Children –A Resource Guide for Schools
  • Wisconsin Department of Education: Children with Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Wisconsin Schools and Families


For more information on the CSDE’s Learning and Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Connecticut Schools and Families, contact:

Stephanie G. Knutson, Ed.D, RN
Education Consultant
Connecticut State Department of Education
Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 504
Hartford, CT 06103