Action Planning - Mastery-Based Learning


This web page is devoted to tools that can help with the planning process.

Cycle of Action

The Cycle of Action is a simple tool developed to frame the critical steps schools take when engaged in an evidence-based, goal-driven school-improvement process designed to raise the educational achievement, aspirations, and attainment of all students. The Cycle of Action is not a linear process that begins and ends, but a series of thoughtful, purposeful steps that schools undertake as they refine and focus their action plan, make progress towards goals, review what’s working and what’s not, and adjust priorities in response to emerging needs. 

The four essential questions on the outer perimeter represent the four overarching stages in the cycle: (1) an objective assessment of where a school is in terms of performance or progress; (2) identification of the obstacles and assets that will hinder or support a school-improvement process; (3) a determination of goals and a supporting rationale based on the first two steps in the process; and (4) a comprehensive action plan that will outline precisely how a school community will work together to achieve its goals.

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Cycle of Action