Connecticut Core Standards

Geometry Curriculum - Math

This model Geometry curriculum created by CT teachers and students for CT teachers and students emphasizes problem solving and mathematical reasoning, incorporates real-world applications and effective use of technology, and uses multiple representations.[/titled_box]

General Information 

Units of Instruction

Unit Number Title Links
1 Transformations and Coordinates Documents
2 Congruence, Constructions and Proof Documents
3 Polygons Documents
4 Similarity and Trigonometry Documents
5 Circles and Other Conics Documents
6 Three Dimensional Geometry Documents
7 Applications of Probability Documents
8 Other Topics Documents

Secured Items

Additional materials for teachers who use the curriculum are available on a secure, password protected website. These materials include exit slips for formative assessment during each investigation, end-of-unit tests for summative assessment, mid-unit tests (where applicable), performance tasks for each unit with scoring rubrics, and answer keys to all activities and assessments. For access information, please contact

Exam Review Materials