Learning Model and Enrollment Data Collection

Schools across Connecticut are reopening for the 2020-21 school year using one of three learning models, i.e., in-person, hybrid, or remote. The school reopening plans also allow parents to opt their students into full remote learning. In its resolution that permits remote learning days to count toward the 177 school day requirement, the State Board of Education affirmed that its authorization for hybrid or remote programming due to unavoidable emergency is contingent upon school districts providing rigorous learning and engagement opportunities that are aligned with State standards and Board expectations. The Board also charged the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) with ensuring fidelity to this expectation by collecting whatever data are necessary and making that information transparent. 

The CSDE believes that effective accountability is reciprocal. The CSDE will continue to advocate for resources and supports so schools can open safely, and that students have the requisite device and Internet connectivity to benefit from remote learning. At the same time, the CSDE believes in the ability of data and information to support student engagement. It will gather any additional information necessary to tell the CSDE, the State Board, the Governor, legislators, and the broader public whether all students – regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, English proficiency, disability, family income, and school learning model – are participating and engaged in public school.

In order to support this effort, the Performance Office opened a weekly survey on September 4, 2020 called the Learning Model and Enrollment Data Collection.  Below are resources to support this collection.  

September 4, 2020 Letter Announcing Collection   
Learning Model and Enrollment Data Collection Survey  
• September 8, 2020 Webinar

PDF of Survey/Terms and Definitions 

  Please contact Jeff Greig with any questions.