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Governor Lamont Highlights Increased Efficiencies for Credential Holders at the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

State Agency Has Increased Online Services and Reduced Wait Times for Approval, Ensuring a More Efficient and Streamlined User Experience

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection’s ongoing efforts to expand online licensing services has allowed more credential holders in the state to safely and security apply, renew, reinstate, and pay for credentials more efficiently. The initiative has significantly reduced wait times for licenses while allowing the state agency’s licensing functions to continue smoothly, even in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last year, the Department of Consumer Protection has:

  • Made online renewal available for all 245 credentials (registrations and licenses) overseen by the department that require a renewal;
  • Made online reinstatement available for 172 credentials (allows an expired license to be renewed outside of the normal renewal period); and
  • Cut average wait times for credential approval by as much as 10 days for some credential types. Now, many applicants receive approval in as little as three days.

These advancements have allowed the Department of Consumer Protection to continue operations remotely during the pandemic with virtually no interruption. Approximately 20,000 licensees are eligible to use online reinstatement, which has been widely used during the pandemic, particularly by the trades and real estate credential holders.

“We’ve listened to our businesses, and we know they want more tools online so they can do business faster – with less interaction with government,” Governor Lamont said. “Even during this COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t lost sight of the improvements in technology our state is making to streamline the way we do business. I’m proud of the advancements made at the Department of Consumer Protection and look forward to continuously improving license services in Connecticut.”

“The Department of Consumer Protection is constantly working to modernize and streamline the work of the agency, and the updates to the online licensing system have allowed people and businesses to get the licenses they need in a faster and more convenient way,” Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull said. “It has also allowed the agency to continue doing its job this year safely and without an interruption in service.”

“The department sees online services as a partnership with our customers,” License Services Director Mike Elliott said. “Applicants want the ease of transacting business online, and the agency recognizes the efficiencies created for the state in providing online services. By working together, we have streamlined licensing and helped our customers get to work quicker.”

In 2020, approximately 80 percent of credentials with the agency were renewed online, compared to 61 percent in 2016. More than half – 55 percent – of all initial applications were submitted online this year, up from 19 percent in 2016. There are 108 credentials with initial applications available online.

In addition, 68 percent of application fees and related revenue has been collected online this year. This means fewer bounced checks, less time spent tracking down payments, and, overall, more revenue collected in a safe and secure manner.

Chart: Percent of Credentials Renewed Online

Chart: Percent of Initial Applications Submitted Online

Chart: Online vs. Traditional Payments Collected by the Department of Consumer Protection

Credential holders and those seeking to apply for a new license or registration can visit for a full list of credentials and requirements. Instructions for how to apply or renew are also available on the agency’s website.

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