OTT Sitecore and Office 365 Training

Sitecore training:

  1. Word doc (Stored inSitecore Media folder) made to cut and paste to the Sitecore page from Ginny draft of the webpage. Ginny copied the portal OTT webpage – pasted it into Word; edited it and sent it to me.
    1. Word O365 Training Chapter - using F1 also works In Sitecore and Word you often need cntrl-C to copy; cntrl-X to cut; cntrl-V to paste; cntrl-B to bold
  2. Final Compliance page for Doing Business webpages - doc was pasted into a webpage (in Sitecore Content) and adjusted to a final appearance


    Office Training

    About the Treasury

    Cash Management

    Debt Management

    Doing Business


  3. Compliance Pdf - stored in appropriate Sitecore Media folder – (storage for PDFs, O365 files, images)
  4. Monthly Cash Debt Report - learn this 1st - required by CT law - posted each 1st of the month by Debt div
  5. Treasurer Statutory Responsibilities - agency reporting requirements

The Information Technology Unit creates, maintains, and updates office-wide IT systems and services supporting agency divisions and personnel. Enterprise security, computer training and disaster recovery services are also a responsibility of this unit. 

OTT Office 365 Online Training

0 Table Of Contents
1 Intro - Common Office Tasks
2 Word 365
3 Excel 365
4 Power Point 365
5 Outlook 365
6 Access 365
7 Publisher 365
8 Working With Charts And Graphics
9 Office 365 One Step Beyond
10 File Sharing - Collaborating - Teams
11 Index
12 Ending