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Resources for Adults and Families

Personal money management skills include budgeting, wise use of credit, managing debt, banking, and planning for the future. Learning to manage money well can increase your financial power by making your money work harder for you. Below are suggested sources of information to help you make smart decisions about your money.  The tabs at the left provide additional resources related to credit, home ownership, and personal money management.


A new nonprofit focused on cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy to get people connected to the benefits they need.  Staff/volunteers do personal income taxes – for free. This can lead to getting a refund and also help secure additional financial resources like the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Education Credits, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, and other services.

CT Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) - Financial Opportunity Centers

Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) are career and financial coaching service centers that focus on the financial bottom line for individuals living with low-to-moderate incomes. LISC’s network of six FOCs in five CT cities (Hartford, New Britain, New Haven, Waterbury, Norwalk) are embedded in community-based organizations that are trusted, known for their history of providing quality services, and convenient to where people live and seek out services.


CT Association of Human Services (CAHS)

CAHS,  a division of Advancing CT Together (ACT), changes the lives of low income children and families by pioneering pathways from poverty to opportunity and from financial insecurity to capability and success. For over 100 years, CAHS has advocated for policies and promoted programs that significantly and measurably reduce poverty, build equity, and promote a secure future. For more information about CAHS financial wellness services, visit:

Connecticut Money Conference for Women

The Office of the Treasurer and the YWCA Hartford Region host a free statewide annual conference on money management, investment strategies, and financial and retirement planning for women of all ages, economic backgrounds, and levels of financial knowledge. The conference features a comprehensive personal finance overview with a renowned financial expert, workshops, and a vendor exposition.

Money Smart

Money Smart is a free, comprehensive financial education curriculum developed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to help individuals develop financial skills and positive banking relationships. The computer based program is designed for adults and has ten training modules in several languages: Our Money Matters, Pay Yourself First, Borrowing Basics, Check it Out, Bank on It, Keep it Safe, To Your Credit, Charge It Right, Loan to Own, Your Own Home.

Sponsored by The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) to help you calculate your spending and learn how to save and stick to a budget. Visit:

The U.S. Government's website dedicated to consumer financial education with information from twenty federal agencies that make up the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission. Visit

American Savings Education Council: Choose to Save
The American Savings Education Council's website ( provides information on retirement and other financial topics.

Connecticut Saves
Connecticut Saves, which is affiliated with America Saves, is a campaign coordinated by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America and is dedicated to helping individuals save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. Log on and take the "Connecticut Saves Pledge" today. UCONN's Financial Education Center supports this and other education efforts.