2017 Responsible Growth and Transit-Oriented Development Grant Program

2017 RGTOD


The 2017 Responsible Growth and Transit Oriented Development Grant Program (2017 RGTOD) is a competitive grant funding opportunity available to Connecticut municipalities and Councils of Government (COGs).


Eligible activities include planning and construction projects that advance state and local goals for (1) responsible growth consistent with the Conservation & Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut 2013-2018 (C&D Plan) and/or (2) opportunities for transit-oriented development (TOD), as defined in Section 13b-79o of the Connecticut General Statutes.


As with previous years, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) collaborated with other state agencies to review and rank eligible applications.  State agencies reviewed a total of 46 applications and, in two separate announcements, OPM ultimately selected 16 grantees to receive a total of approximately $15M in funding.


Funding is provided through a combination of the Responsible Growth Incentive account and the Transit-Oriented Development and Pre-Development account.


Grant awards were divided and assigned to various agencies to administer based on the technical nature and scope of the particular project.


For Grants being administered by OPM:


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