Fiscal Health Monitoring System

Your annual reporting in accordance with Section 7-406(c)b of the General Statutes has moved to the new Fiscal Health Monitoring System (FHMS). Reporting under this new platform is based upon a hybrid approach whereby the mapping of your municipality’s financial data will be significantly reduced as compared to prior years that required municipalities to map/cross-walk their complete general ledger accounts to the Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA). Reporting will instead be based primarily upon financial data that is consistent with the format of your audited financial statements. The Annual Financial Data Report (AFDR) is to be completed on an annual basis using the sign-in credentials to FHMS.
FHMS is now available for you to access and begin to complete your annual filings. We will ensure that ample time is provided to you to complete your submissions.


Your annual filings include:
  • The Appointment of Auditor Notification
  • Submission of the Adopted Budget and Summary Data
  • Completion of the Annual Financial Data Report
  • Audit Report Extension Requests (if applicable)
  • Single Audit Exemption Notifications (if applicable)
Job aids and demonstration videos are provided below.
Communications to Municipalities:

UCOA Letter to Municipalities as of 01/28/2021

FHMS Go Live Letter - 5/21/2021

AFDR Go Live Letter (New - October, 2021)

Extension and Exemption Go Live Letter (New - November 2021)


FHMS Project Timeline

01/28/2021 Letter to Entities – Annual Report Fiscal Year End 06/30/2020

04/07/2021 Letter to municipal CEOs and CFOs - Completion of FHMS Authorized Users Contact Form

May 2021 - Update FHMS with authorized users' contact information and roles

May 2021 - Instructions for FHMS Go-live and Training

May 2021 - Entity Training Rollout

May 2021 - Appointment of Auditor Notification to Entities for Fiscal Period 2020-2021

May 2021 - Enter Summary Budget Data and Upload Budgets for Fiscal Period 2021-2022

October 2021 - Enter data for Financial Indicators, Pension, OPEB, UCOA for FYE 06/30/2020

November 2021 - Open Audit Report Extension tile

November 2021 - Open State Single Audit Exemption tile


Job Aids

Initial Access to FHMS

Appointment of Auditor

Submission of Budget Data

Entity Tile Functions

Annual Financial Data Report  (New - October, 2021)

Audit Report Extension Request  (New, November, 2021) Single Audit Exemption Notification(New, November, 2021)


Demonstration and Training Videos

Appointment of Auditor Video

Budget Data Submission Video

FHMS Go Live Video Presentation (5/26/2021)

Completing the Annual Financial Data Report  (New - October, 2021)

Audit Report Extension Video - Auditee  (New - November, 2021)

State Single Audit Exemption Video  (New - November, 2021)


Upcoming Timeline Events

TBD Notification to Entities on Exemption Form Submission for FYE 06/30/2021

TBD Notification to Entities on Extension Form Submission for FYE 06/30/2021

TBD Single Sign-on to STARS Reporting System

TBD UCOA Reporting (Historical Data)


This webpage will be frequently updated on matters related to the FHMS and AFDR.
If you should have any questions, please contact us at