Governor Dannel P. Malloy's, FY 2012 -FY 2013 Biennium Governor's Budget
Governor's Biennium Budget


On February 16, 2011, Governor Dannel P. Malloy presented his FY 2012 -FY 2013 Biennium Governor's Budget with two (2) key proposals concerning criminal justice:

Offender Management Incentive Plan
To use the Department of Correction’s existing Offender Accountability Plan to allow inmates to earn risk reduction credits for successful program completion and acceptable behavior to reduce their sentence.
Risk Reduction Credits Report submitted on April, 2009 to the General Assembly  by former Commissioner Theresa C. Lantz and a panel of experts from the Connecticut Department of Corrections and the Office of Policy and Management.
 House Arrest for Driving Under the Influence and Minor Drug Offenses
Where appropriate, offenders will be required to wear a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device and have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device installed.  

Below is an excerpt from Governor Malloy's budget address which speaks directly about public safety and criminal justice in Connecticut:
"...We can’t leave today without discussing public safety. 
Let’s start by acknowledging that we have the lowest crime rates we’ve had in Connecticut since the mid-1970s and let’s salute the brave men and women who wear the uniform every day who’ve helped make that happen.

But we all know about the troubling number of incidents involving young people in our cities shooting and killing each other – often, for no reason.
Lives are being lost, families are being ripped apart, and children are growing up fatherless.  

It has to stop. 

Governor Dannel P. Malloy

I’m committed to working in partnership with our city police chiefs, mayors, and community activists to turn the tide on neighborhood gun violence. 

Despite the reforms of the past decade – we are still spending money we don’t need to spend imprisoning people who, if given access to the treatment they need, would pose no threat to any of us.  And who can eventually become productive members of our society.

There are simply too many people who’ve been arrested and jailed for minor, non-violent or drug offenses who, if given access to an alternative forms of punishment would take advantage of that additional chance to choose a different and better path. 

This new policy will save us millions of dollars which is a benefit of a more enlightened policy whose time I think has come.

One final note before we leave this issue.  I’m committed to making the concept of the Criminal Justice Information System a reality. 

That’s why I made sure the eight million dollars you authorized was put on the most recent bond agenda. 
Once this system is fully implemented, the various agencies, boards and commissions that comprise the criminal justice system will be better positioned to avoid some of the mistakes and tragedies that have occurred in recent years.

We can protect the people of Connecticut while adhering to the principle that our society should be a second chance society again. 

These investments reflect that belief."

Clearly, this is our charge for change and it our mission to achieve these goals.

As the OPM Under Secretary for Criminal Justice, I look forward to accomplishing this vision with your assistance.

As always, if you have ideas and suggestions or any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, Mike

Mike Lawlor
Under Secretary
State of Connecticut
Office of Policy and Management
Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
Phone: (860) 418-6394