Edward R. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Grant ProgramĀ 

Eligibility and Application Information

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Funds are awarded by The U.S. Department of Justice (US DOJ) to the Office of Policy and Management Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division (OPM CJPPD) as the primary recipient and are allocated on a state and local level.

Eligibility Criteria for State-Level Funding 

  • Applicants should align their submitted project requests with active Byrne-JAG purpose areas. Purpose Areas 2022-24
  • Applicants may include Connecticut Judicial and Executive Branch state agencies, non-profit organization, coalitions, intermunicipal groups and taskforces, federally recognized Tribal Nations, and private entities.
  • Localities with over 100,000 in population that did not receive a LVPT or Less Than 10,000 allocation may independently apply for state-level JAG funding, but must provide evidence that a submitted project aims to address a state-wide issue. Localities that do not cross the 100,000 threshold but received a LVPT/ Less Than 10,000 allocation and are seeking additional funding for projects that coincide with OPM CJPPDs JAG strategic plan should partner with state agencies to act as a passthrough of project funds.  
  • Nonprofits seeking to pursue Byrne JAG funds must provide evidence/history of project portfolio exceeding $250,000 per year, and must be willing to allow OPM CJPPD to review their financial systems to ensure that the applying nonprofit would be able to pass strict federal and state financial reviews and audits. Additionally, nonprofit entities that do not meet the stated guidelines can seek to partner with Justice system-involved entities who qualify for Byrne-JAG to have project/program funds passed through.
  • All applications for funding are reviewed internally by a selection committee established by OPM CJPPD, with final approval/denial provided by the OPM Secretary and/or the OPM CJPPD Undersecretary.  
  • Byrne JAG applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


OPM requests that all applicants review the information pertaining to supplanting, unallowable costs, and prohibited items before completing and submitting a JAG application.

JAG Application Sheet

JAG Application Budget Sheet

JAG Application Narrative Sheet (PDF)

JAG Application Narrative Sheet (DOCX)

Purpose Areas 2022-24

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