Guidance for Payers and Providers

Payer Data Portal


The Cost Growth Benchmark Performance Submission data file is an Excel worksheet. These are the files that will be uploaded through the payer data portal.



If there are problems downloading the taxonomy code listings imbedded in the implementation manual (pages 31-32 and 45-46), the Excel worksheet can be downloaded here.

Only a State of Connecticut credentialed contact will be able to upload or access data for the carrier they represent. Additionally, only authorized OHS staff will be able to download the submitted data.


To protect the data a carrier submits, OHS is enabling the carrier’s contact to upload the requested data files to the State’s secure file transfer web client at:

Once the credentialed contact uploads the required data files, they will alert OHS through email at with the subject line “Cost Growth Benchmark Data-{Carrier Name}.”

Please email any questions you may have including those about the implementation manual, data upload process, credentialing to .