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Notifications and Filings


Pursuant to 19a-638 of the Connecticut General Statute, Office of Health Strategy is mandated to collect the following notifications and filings:

Certificate of Need related:  Termination of Service, Replacement of Previously Authorized Equipment, Change in the number of Operating Rooms and General Notifications. 
Other Required filings:  Pricemasters, Specialty Hospital AFS, Group Practices, Medical Foundation, Facility Fee, Material Change and Affiliate filings.

All filings/notifications filed with OHS, as of June 2018 can be accessed via OHS’s Notification and Filings Portal:

To review OHS’ filings other than the CON Related Notifications, click on “Other Required Filings” in the right-hand corner of the Notifications and Filing Portal. From the page that comes up, the reviewer may choose from the Acute Care Hospital Pricemasters, Facility Fee, Facility Fee Notifications to Patients, Group Practice, Group Practice Material Change Notices, Medical Foundations, Hospital Affiliation Filings and Specialty Hospital Audited Financial Statement Filings, submitted by the applicable type of health care provider organization. 

If you are in charge of submitting one of the other required filings to OHS, click on “Submit Data” in the right-hand corner. Please select from the dropdown menu, the Filing Type , then type in your organization’s full Legal Provider Business Name, type in the Submitted By person’s name, the submitting person’s Email Address, Telephone Number and the Month and Year of the submission.  The OHS staff member designated in reviewing the filing will get back to you if he/she has any questions.

All older (June 2018  and older) filings and notifications can be found on OHS’ website under HSP, Notifications and Filings.