The Child Fatality Review Panel


The State of Connecticut has established a Child Fatality Review Panel (CFRP), which is charged with reviewing unexplained or unexpected circumstances of the death of any child under the age of 18 who has received services from a state department or agency addressing child welfare, social or human services or juvenile justice.

Although the Panel is a separate entity, its day-to-day operations are coordinated through the Office of the Child Advocate.   The Child Advocate serves as a Co-Chair of the Panel effective 3/1/2012.


Child Fatality Review Panel Members

Ex Officio Members  
Office of the Chief State's Attorney:
 Brett Salfia, Esq.
Office of the Child Advocate:  Sarah Healy Eagan, J.D. (Co-Chair) 
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner:
 Gregory Vincent, M.D.
Emergency Services and Public Protection:
 Sgt. Christine Jeltema
Department of Children and Families:
 Ken Mysogland, MSW
Department of Public Health:  Angela Jimenez
Statutorily Appointed Members   
Pediatrician: (by Governor)   Kirsten Bechtel, M.D. (Co-Chair)

Community Service Representative:(by Speaker of the House)

Pina Violano, Ph.D

Social Work Professional:(by Senate Minority Leader) 

Thomas C. Michalski, Jr. LCSW

Injury Prevention: (by House Minority Leader)

Steven Rogers, M.D.
Attorney: (by Senate Minority Leader) 
Andrea Barton Reeves, J.D.


Elizabeth Corley, Psy D. 
Law Enforcement: Pending
Appointed by CFRP Membership  
Neonatologist: Ted Rosenkrantz, M.D
Domestic Violence Representative: Tonya Johnson  
Pediatrician:  Michael Soltis, M.D.


The Child Fatality Review Panel's reports of its investigations of child fatalities are public documents, and can be obtained from the Office of the Child Advocate upon request or viewed on this website using the following link: Fatality Investigations