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Project DME - eDurable Medical Equipment (DME)

Under Connecticut Statute that stemmed from the 2014 Connecticut Legislative session, Bill No. 5597 ruling requires that electronic submission of prescription orders for eDurable Medical Equipment (DME) must be accepted by the Department of Social Services (DSS) under the medical assistance program.

  • To meet this request the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) is offers the ability to place orders for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) electronically to Connecticut providers and practitioners that require the ability to submit DME orders electronically using HIPAA compliant Direct secure messaging standard. Starting now, you can begin sending electronic orders for members that receive services from the DSS, simplifying the ordering process and making it easier to quickly get your patients the equipment they need for their care. This capability is being offered as a service to all providers that serve DSS consumers. The following 12 DME vendors (Acelleron Medical Products, Advanced Home Medical Supplies, A2Z Home Medical Supplies, Byram Healthcare, Charm Medical, Hanger, Inc., Hearing Improvement Center, J & L Medical Services, LLC, Med-aid LLC, Medtech Healthcare, Para-Pharm Inc., and Pelton’s) are already enrolled in the program and equipped with the ability to receive electronic DME orders. You may choose from several approaches to submit your electronic orders:
  1. Online form: Web-based entry form to collect the required information
  2. Single Sign-On: Utilize Single-Sign On to launch the online form from your other healthcare IT applications
  3. EHR Integration: DSS has published the technical documentation (XML Schema) allowing EHR vendors to build the DME Order capability directly into the EHR application

The goal of this program is to improve the delivery time for DME by expediting the ordering process for both the physicians and vendors. DSS aims to have all DME orders transmitted electronically by 2019. The DME online form provides an easy solution, simply log in and you will be guided to enter the required information. Additional documentation can be attached to the order so you will no longer have to fax/mail medical documentation separately. DME vendors review the order electronically and will send you a response that the order has been approved, rejected or request additional information. If more information is requested, you can use the same online system to submit that information. The system is HIPAA compliant and approved for use by the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program. The online DME order form is available today at no cost to you.



Getting Started

 Updated 2/4/2020