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Provider Registry 

DSS’s Enterprise Provider Registry (EPR) went into production September 2017.  This technology solution provides a consolidated view of provider information across and within subscribing systems. Currently, many organizations around the State, both public and private, maintain their own provider registries and the data in these registries are often out-of-date, resulting in inaccurate provider directories. Additionally, these discrepancies create workflow issues when providers and organizations contact each other and request patient information or when people are trying to find service providers in their neighborhood. This solution provides a few basic reporting tools for ongoing maintenance of the accurate information by the subscribing system.

Today, DSS’s EPR integrates provider data coming from the following sources: DSS Medicaid Provider Enrollment, the DSS Medicaid Medical ASO, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), and data extracts from the Allied Health LTSS program.  Additionally, it publishes a provider directory to support the Connecticut Home Care Program for the Elders.

Currently, Phase II (2018-19) work includes 1) upgrading the platform 2) adding provider information from the behavioral health, dental, and medical ASOs, 3) implementing the Relation Registry, 4) integration with Project Notify, and 5) integration with the Medicaid HIE platform (HealthShare).  Preliminary discussions have occurred with at least nine sister agencies, with two agencies expressing interest in the use of this technology.  Typically, organizations operate/purchase/create Provider Registries and directories independently, to support care delivery and care coordination functions.  A shared technology solution can support multiple use cases resulting improving effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

Use Case 101 - Manage Provider Information

Use Case 103 - Access to Provider Data

Please follow this link for the CHC Provider Directory.

Type of Record

September 2017


September 2019 
 784,753 784,704 



Medical ASO


 31,378 29,899 



113,836 117,882



 69,225 727,720 


 Updated 2/4/2020