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Medicaid HIE Node

Medicaid Health Information Exchange Node (Medicaid-HIE)

The current implementation of the Medicaid HIE node has the following functionality available and working today.  Medicaid HIE is powered by the HealthShare Platform.

The personal health record (PHR), the beneficiary portal which allows the person/beneficiary to:

  1. Access their longitudinal medical as well as non-medical information
  2. Upload and/or share documents such as Advanced Directives, MOLST, etc.
  3. Receive care plans.For a Medicaid beneficiary participating in Community First Choice Program, a person-directed program.It transmits the budget and the care plan using the CCDA R2.1 into the PHR
  4. Assign proxies to access the information or they have the ability to share the documents in various formats with their care team
  5. Use NLM-based medical dictionary to help understand medical terminology

To enroll please visit our website.

The Clinical Viewer, the clinical provider portal to:

  1. Access comprehensive longitudinal medical information for the beneficiaries they take care of, such as summary, allergies and alerts, histories, documents, lab tests, radiology results, medications, vaccinations, conditions, procedures, discharge summaries, physical exams, plans, encounters, appointments, care team, program participation, and social determinants.
  2. Communicate with other care team members
  3. Elect how much or how little information they need

To enroll please send an email to health.IT@ct.gov

Integration with Other HIEs

  1. We completed and went live as planned with our connection with the Connecticut State Medical Society HIE CTHealthLink February 2019.


Measuring Quality through the collection and processing of QRDAs I and III as well as the use of claims data for clinical and non-clinical outcomes

  1. Program Year 2018 was the first year that the department accepted the submission of QRDAs as part of the Promoting Interoperability Program.
  2. Almost 50% of the providers (270/547) submitted eCQMS using QRDAs for Program Year 2018 attestations.



Meaningful Use and MACRA



Updated 5/28/2019