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Confirming Debt Collection Agencies

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) has partnered with two outside collection agencies (OCA’s).  Below is information to better help you understand the process and to identify the agencies that we are working with:

You may first receive a letter, (R859), from the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) notifying you of your outstanding liabilities.  If you wish to make a payment to DRS please click on the link below:

DRS Payment Options

Failure to pay your liabilities in full could result in your account being referred to one of these agencies:

Agency Contact Information:

Nationwide Credit Corporation (NCC)
PO Box 9156
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone 703-776-9260
Español 703-398-1503
Fax 703-813-1414
To make a payment:

Account Control Technology (ACT)
PO Box 471
Kings Mill, OH 45034
Toll Free 855-654-7300
Fax 513-770-0601

To make a payment:

See sample letters you may receive from NCC, and or ACT.