New Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return Posted
Existing form to be phased out on Dec. 31st, 2019

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) has finalized a new CT Form OP-236, Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return, that includes a 2D Bar Code. The enhancement will allow for more efficient processing of the thousands of CT Form OP-236 submissions received annually.

The existing CT Form OP-236 will be phased out, and removed from the DRS website on Dec. 31, 2019. To ease the transition for Submitters, both the old and new CT Form OP-236 will be available until the end of the year.

The DRS strongly recommends Submitters transition to the new form as soon as possible. Those who have saved the existing CT Form OP-236 on a device should replace and save the new version. Aside from the 2D Bar Coding, there are no significant differences in the new and previous form.

The enhanced form – while also a PDF fillable form with 'Reset' and 'Print' feature buttons at the top - requires a slight adjustment for Submitters: it will no longer be possible to print a blank copy of the new CT Form OP-236 (to fill out by hand).

CT Form OP-236 Hints/Reminders

  • When completing any field that requires a person's name: separate the last name, first name, and middle initial, with a comma.
  • Changes may only be made by re-entering the information in the form and re-printing the return using the "Print Form" button. Once the new CT Form OP-236 is filled out and printed, manual corrections (handwritten or typed) will not be recognized by the DRS 2D Bar Code machine.
  • To clear the 2D Bar Code information, use the "Reset Form" button at the top of the form for each new return.
  • The following four fields are completed by the Town Clerk (by hand or typed): Town Code; Land Record Volume; Land Record Page; and Date Recorded.

Real Estate Conveyance Tax Forms can be found on the DRS website at: Please use the most updated version referenced on the forms page as (New 2D Bar code).

Did you know?
You can also file Form OP-236 via the DRS e-REC application, which is free, secure, and easy to use. e-REC allows tax return Submitters to: submit Form OP-236 and remit payment online; receive notification when the tax return in "accepted" by a Town Clerk; and keep track of Form OP-236 returns submitted and in process.

Visit the e-REC page (via the e-REC login under 'Submitters') for a list of participating municipalities and to file using e-REC.

Norman Ramsey, Tax Operation Unit Supervisor
E-mail:; Phone 860-297-4995