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DRS, IRS Promote “Tax Security Awareness Week”

Protecting Tax and Financial Data in Advance of Holidays, Filing Season

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) is joining the IRS to promote personal data security during National Tax Security Awareness Week.  The annual event promotes data security and helps practitioners and taxpayers protect tax data and personal information in advance of the holidays and the 2018 filing season – prime time for tax thieves.

This initiative is part of the federal and state Security Summit as well as DRS anti-fraud and taxpayer protection efforts here in Connecticut.  The IRS recently reported documented theft to date of the names, addresses and social security numbers of more than 145 million Americans. 

Said DRS Commissioner Kevin Sullivan, “Don’t fall victim this holiday and tax season. On-line shopping and commerce is convenient and efficient, but also invites phishing, hacking and stealing personal identity and financial information. Businesses need to be very careful about inadvertently disclosing employee data.  Even worse, disreputable and unprofessional tax preparers have increasingly become partners in tax fraud.”

Commissioner Sullivan added that some basic protections include:

  • Creating strong passwords and changing them regularly.
  • Installing security software with a strong firewall with anti-virus protections that are always on and update automatically.
  • Encrypting your sensitive files such as tax records stored on a computer or portable device.
  • Recognizing phishing emails, threatening phone calls and texts from thieves posing as legitimate organizations such as banks, credit card companies and government agencies – including the DRS or IRS.
  • Never clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown or suspicious sources. 
  • Protecting your personal data and making sure your tax records are always secure. It is rarely necessary to disclose a Social Security Number to complete a commercial transaction.

To report identity theft call the CT DRS at 855-842-1441. To report tax fraud, email the DRS.

For more information about Connecticut taxes, please visit the DRS web site at or call 1-800-382-9463 in state, or (860) 297-5962 from anywhere.