Dear Team Members, When I opened up my computer at work this morning I found a request from NDMS to have every team members refill out their direct deposit form and to included a voided check with that form. Since the reorganization into Homeland Security it was found that the new system requires every team members on every team in the Nation to do this in order to get paid when they are deployed. NDMS would like to have all the new paperwork by this Friday [ I don't think so]
It is timely for us that we have a team meeting this week. Attached to this notice is the form for you to fill out and bring to the meeting. Some directions I received from Kristen at NDMS is :
1. Section 1 Letter C is where the Social Security number should go
2. Section 1 letter F check other and write in Travel
3. Make sure they sign in Section 1
4. Section 2 Write FEMA for Agency. Do not worry about the address
5. Section 3 A voided check is good in place of going to the financial institution.
If you can not make the meeting this Thursday please fill out the form and with your voided check send it to me at 57 Academy Street Manchester, CT 06040.  When I get back next week I will send them all in one package to NDMS. There was some talk on the NDMS AO list server to do this electronically however it was decided that your bank number could not be guaranteed to be secured. Once I get your paperwork I will make a copy for your files. Trust me it is always good to have a copy of this paperwork
Sorry for the inconvenience but with all the changes at NDMS we should expect this once in a awhile,  Brenda or Giovanni will be here to help you with any questions while I am gone. Take Care, Marge Letitia AO 

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2003 Candidates (final list)