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Temporary Permits for Recent Graduates

The Department of Public Health may issue a temporary permit to an applicant for licensure as a music therapist who holds a bachelor's degree or higher in music therapy or a related field. The temporary permit shall authorize the holder of the temporary permit to practice music therapy under the general supervision of a licensed music therapist at all times during which the holder of the temporary permit performs music therapy.

Temporary permits shall be valid for a period not to exceed three hundred sixty-five calendar days after the date of attaining a bachelor's degree or higher and shall not be renewable.

A temporary permit shall be issued to any applicant against whom professional disciplinary action is pending or who is the subject of an unresolved complaint in this state or any other state. The commissioner may revoke a temporary permit for good cause, as determined by the commissioner. The fee for a temporary permit is $50.

Documentation Requirements:

The applicant shall arrange for the submission of a transcript verifying the award of a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy directly to this office.

Applications are only accepted online.  Please select this link to apply online.  After you have registered for an account, please select 'Initial Application' at the bottom left of the screen and then expand the ‘Public Health Practitioners’ grouping and then ‘Start’ next to the ‘Music Therapist Temporary Permit’.

Please arrange for the transcript to be sent to:

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Music Therapist Licensure

410 Capitol Ave., MS# 12 APP

P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134