New! Connecticut Acute Care Hospital Statewide Financial Analysis FY 2003 This document provides a brief summary of the financial position of the state’s acute care general hospitals.  It is based upon hospital data filed with OHCA for fiscal year 2003 (October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003.
Acute care hospital finances appear to have stabilized in FY 2003 after a challenging year in FY 2002.  The median total margin for Connecticut’s hospitals increased slightly in FY 2003, while the median operating margin continued to decline.  Hospitals continue to be confronted by many of the same pressures as in FY 2002 including low reimbursements, and increased operating expenses for such items as malpractice insurance, pensions, and employee fringe benefits

New! 2004 Small Employer Health Insurance Survey Findings Fact Sheet is the first in a series of publications highlighting OHCA’s 2004 Small Employer and Household Surveys. The fact sheet highlights employer sponsored health insurance coverage, reasons why firms do not offer coverage, health insurance premiums, as well as characteristics of employer sponsored health insurance, including offer rates, take up rates, and scope of dependent or family coverage. In addition, the fact sheet depicts employer characteristics related to the prevalence of coverage.

New!   Measuring the Uninsured: Variations in Estimation Methods is the second in a series of 2004 issue briefs highlighting the agency’s efforts to gather and analyze health care coverage data to support ongoing health policy formulation. This brief focuses on national and state estimation methods for measuring health care coverage. It provides an overview of various coverage estimation sources, their definitions, reference periods, frequency and key points regarding their advantages and limitations. The brief also explains the benefits of conducting state-level surveys to measure the uninsured and explains why differences among estimates may occur.

New! Latest Cardiac Certificate of Need Decisions:
         Danbury Hospital
         Waterbury Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital
         New Milford Hospital
         Greenwich Hospital

New! For your convenience, OHCA has begun posting the current Letters of Intent ("LOI") on our website.  Under the Certificate of Need Section you can find OHCA's recent Final Decisions, CON Determinations, Legal Notices and Weekly Status Reports.