Office of Health Care Access 
Yearly Filing Submissions - 2017
The Annual Reporting filing will be due at OHCA by no later than end of business day Wednesday, February 28, 2018, and the Twelve Months Actual Filing will be due at OHCA by no later than end of business day Monday, April 2, 2018. Indicated below are the documents needed by hospitals to complete the two filings.
General Filing Information
  1. Hospital Filings Cover Letter to hospital CFO’s
  2. A document of Hospital Financial Review Regulations
  3. A document listing HRS Reports and OHCA Statute & Regulation references
  4. FY 2016 Hospital Cost to Charge Ratios
  1. FY 2017 Annual Reporting General Instructions
  2. FY 2017 Twelve Months Actual Filing General Instructions
  1. FY 2017 Hospital Financial Statement Affidavit
  2. FY 2017 Hospital Parent Corporation Financial Statement Affidavit
  3. FY 2017 Annual Reporting Affidavit
  4. FY 2017 Twelve Month Filing Affidavit
  1. The FY 2017 Annual Reporting Submission Checklist
  2. The FY 2017 Twelve Month Filing Submission Checklist