Certificate of Need Requirements & Exemptions for Physicians
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 CON Application Forms
Equipment Acquisition
Outpatient Surgical Center
 CON Required  Related Information
Acquisition of imaging equipment
 Includes CT Scanners, MRI Scanners, PET Scanners, PET/CT Scanners and non-hospital based linear accelerators
Acquisition of equipment utilizing technology that has not previously been utilized in the state
 Generally does not apply to x-ray, mammography, ultrasound or cineangiography equipment as those types of equipment does not require CON authorization
No CON Required  Related Information
Replacement of existing imaging equipment
Provider shall notify OHCA of the date on which the equipment was replaced, the disposition of the replaced equipment and the docket number for the original CON or CON determination
Acquisition of cone beam CT scanner
Must be used exclusively by a dentist licensed by DPH
Establishment of offices by a licensed private practitioner whether for individual or group practice
CON required if establishing a health care facility such as an outpatient surgical facility or freestanding emergency department or if acquiring imaging equipment