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Public Hearing Notices & Reports



Notice of Public Hearings

The Office of Health Care Access is required by law to publish notices of public hearings on Certificate of Need proposals no less than two weeks prior to the hearing in a newspaper with substantial circulation in the geographic area to be affected by the proposal.

Freedom of Information requests involving individual medical records are subject to confidentiality laws. Requests for aggregate data must be given prior public notice. Individuals who may have concerns about the release of potentially confidential information thereby have an opportunity to contact the Office of Health Care Access to question or contest the FOI request.

Public Hearing and FOI Request Notice

May 29, 2017


Status Reports

Current Certificates of Need (CON):

The following report lists the Certificates of Need currently filed with OHCA a s well as the current status of each.

May 29, 2017

*Certificate of Need Applications Which Are Complete and Within 30 Calendar Day Window for Hearing Request :  Pursuant to Section 19a-639a(e) of the C.G.S., OHCA shall hold a public hearing with respect to any complete CON application submitted to the office under this section if three individuals or an individual representing an entity with five or more people submit a request, in writing, that a public hearing be held on the proposal not later than thirty (30) calendar days after the office deems the CON Application complete.  The following report lists complete CON applications that are within the 30 calendar day window for requesting a public hearing as of the date of the report.