How Do I Request a Birth Certificate for a Person Who Was Adopted?
If the adopted person was born in Connecticut, then you can request such person’s birth certificate by following the instructions for ‘Requesting a Birth Certificate’. The birth certificate that you will receive will list the child’s adoptive name and the names and demographic information pertaining to the adoptive parents.
If the adopted person was born in another state, you must request the birth certificate from the state in which the person was born.
If the person was born in another country, see the following section.
Adoptive parent(s) may purchase a Certification of Birth for, (1) a child born out of the country and had the adoption finalized in Connecticut, or (2) had the foreign adoption finalized out of the country and authenticated/validated by a Connecticut court. 
Complete the Application for Certification of Birth Registration or Certification of Foreign Birth for persons born out of the country and adopted by CT residents along with a copy of photographic identification of the individual making the request (Do Not Submit Originals) (example: copy of driver’s license, passport, or other government issued I.D.)  
If a new birth certificate is created at the time a person is adopted, the original birth certificate becomes confidential. 

As of July 1, 2015, certain persons are eligible to obtain an uncertified copy of an original birth certificate of an adopted person without a court order. Eligible persons must meet the following criteria:

      The requestor is the adopted person named on the certificate and at least 18 years old,

      or is the adopted person’s adult child or grandchild;


      the adoption was finalized on or after October 1, 1983.


To request a copy of your original birth certificate please complete the application form.  Mail the application form to the address listed on the form.  Remember to include a copy of your current government issued photo identification and a money order for $65 made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.”  If you are the adopted person’s adult child or grandchild, you must also send documentation (such as a birth certificate) verifying the relationship to the registrant.


If you do not meet the requirements above, in order to gain access to the original confidential birth certificate, a person must obtain a written order from a court of competent jurisdiction. After receiving the court order, follow the directions on how to order an original certificate of an adopted person mentioned above.  Be sure to include the original court order along with your application.



Information You Should Know


Requests will be processed by the State Office of Vital Records only.


Original records of adopted persons are stored off-site and therefore are not available for walk-in service.


Uncertified copies of birth certificates are for informational purposes only.  It is a superseded certificate that has no legal purpose.  It cannot be used for legal proof of identity or as a substitute for an official certified birth certificate.


There is a chance that a person was adopted in Connecticut and born in another state.  If a certificate is not found, the $65 fee will be returned.


The information on the original, pre-adoptive birth record was provided by the birth parent(s).  The birth parent(s) may give the child any name they choose or no name at all.  Please be aware that the father’s name may not be listed on the record.


Health History information related to the adopted person’s birth family may be available at the Department of Children and Families or at the agency that was responsible for finalizing the adoption. Also, there may be a form on file at the Department of Children and Families or the adoption agency indicating whether a birth parent would like to have contact with the adopted person, or the adopted person’s child or grandchild.  To find out whether this information is available and to obtain this information go to the Department of Children and Families website or contact them at:


DCF/Adoption Search Unit

505 Hudson Street, 10th Floor

Hartford, Connecticut 06106