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Quiet Car Pilot Program Debuts on Select Shore Line East Trains April 23, 2012

   The Connecticut Department of Transportation today announced that, beginning April 23, 2012, quiet cars will debut on select Shore Line East trains. Launched as a pilot program, two morning and one evening weekday peak-hour Shore Line East trains, will feature quiet cars.

   Quiet cars are designated cars that will restrict cell phone use, loud conversations and the use of other gadgets that produce distractions to other passengers.  The use of electronic devices in the designated quiet car are prohibited including, but not limited to, cell phones, iPods, DVD players, and laptops, unless the device is used in a manner that does not create any noise. If headphones are used, they must be at a volume that cannot be heard by others. 

   “We are excited to introduce our Shore Line East customers to quiet cars,” stated Commissioner James Redeker. “The decision to conduct a pilot program is a result of feedback we received as part of our annual customer satisfaction survey. It is clear to us that our passengers would like an opportunity to relax and collect their thoughts before and after their work day. This is a simple way we can improve the overall customer experience on our trains.”

   The Shore Line East “Stamford Express” trains (morning trains arriving in Stamford 7:54 am and 8:33 am, respectively, and the evening train departing Stamford at 5:07 pm) are the trains selected for the pilot program. The last car on the two morning trains and the first car on the evening train will be the designated quiet car. This is consistent with the quiet car location on New Haven Line peak period trains. 

   The trains with the new quiet car will be designated with a capital “Q” in the new spring timetable that will be effective on April 23, 2012. In addition, announcements will be made informing and reminding customers of the location of the quiet car and the restrictions.

   All New Haven Line morning inbound (to New York) and evening outbound (to New Haven) peak period trains began operating with quiet cars on April 2, 2012, as a result of a successful pilot program. Based on the feedback we receive as a result of the Shore Line East pilot program, the quiet cars may be expanded to include additional trains in the near future. 

   The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Shore Line East rail service operates between Old Saybrook and New Haven seven days a week (including holidays), with additional service to and from New London and Stamford on weekdays. Connections to the New Haven Line and Amtrak are available at New Haven’s Union Station.

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