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Connecticut State Department of Transportation
General Contact Information

CTDOT Information Line: 860.594.2000

Construction or Maintenance Activities in your area –
Below are the links to obtain contact numbers for either the Maintenance Division or the Construction Division. Activities on the State’s roadways involving orange CTDOT trucks are typically CTDOT Maintenance operations. Activities that do not have orange CTDOT trucks, but have other construction vehicles, are typically construction projects being administered by the Construction Division.

  1. Contact information related to Maintenance activities with CTDOT trucks
  2. Contact information related to Construction projects on State roads

Bureau of Highway Operations: 860.594.2084
To report a malfunctioning traffic signal; to request tree maintenance; to request an encroachment permit; to report a pothole; to report that your mailbox was hit by a DOT snow plow; or to speak to a staff member.

Oversize/Overweight Unit

  1. Webpage:
  2. Email:
  3. Phone number: 860.594.2880  Due to high call volume, you may experience an extended wait time, therefore we encourage you visit our website to learn about the Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Unit and to find answers to most questions.
    You can also send us an email at

Other resources:

  •  Use this to apply for an oversize/overweight permit. This is the designated portal to use for commercial motor carriers. This is through the State Department of Motor Vehicles, not CTDOT.
  •  The CT State Department of Motor Vehicles website houses a wide range of information for holders of Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) and permits. From the home page of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website: 
    1. Choose Driver's License & IDs
    2. Then click on the blue heading called Commercial Drivers

Bureau of Engineering and Construction: 860.594.2704
Questions about: construction projects; to request a new traffic signal or signage; to request an adjustment in the timing sequence on a State traffic signal; or to speak to a staff member.

Bureau of Public Transportation

  1. For bus or rail schedules, fares, and customer service,  please call CTRides at 877.287.4337 or visit their website at
  2. For all other questions about the Bureau of Public Transportation -
    • Regulation of taxi, livery, or household goods services: 860.594.2865
    • Office of Transit and Ridesharing: 860.594.2830
    • Office of Rail: 860.594.2900
    • Connecticut River Ferry services: 860.594.2007
    • Other information: 860.594.2802

Bureau of Finance and Administration: 860.594.2202
Performs the financial activities of the Department and administrative services including: Operations and Support, Human Resources, Contracts, Agreements, Contract Compliance, and External Audits.


  1. To report that a road hazard or DOT vehicle has caused damage to your property or vehicle, your request must be in writing. Go to for complete instructions about how to file a claim. If you wish to speak to a Claims staff member, the Claims phone number is 860.594.2235.
  2. If you are inquiring about an auto accident resulting in damage to State property, or if you have questions regarding an invoice you received, call 860.594.2298.

Human Resources: 860.594.3106

Bureau of Policy and Planning: 860.594.2002
Performs a variety of corridor and system-wide planning, alternatives, analysis and feasibility studies, for the movement of people and goods, for all modes of transportation, including: rail, bus, highway, aviation, bicycling, walking, and waterway. Prepares environmental documents, administers the Statewide commuter parking lot program, and coordinates the planning and development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Communications: 860.594.3062

Consultant Selection: 860.594.3017
The Consultant Selection Office (CSO) oversees the hiring of professional engineering firms to perform work for CTDOT. Additional information may be found on our webpage at

Equal Opportunity and Diversity: 860.594.2211

Legislative Office: 860.594.3013

Management Services: 860.594.3607

Legal Services: 860.594.3044

State Traffic Administration, Office of: 860.594.3020

Employee Directory
Use the Connecticut State Government Telephone and Email Directory at

Deputy Commissioner’s Office: 860.594.3000

Commissioner’s Office: 860.594.3000